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Pre-Conference #2_Calculating Our Worth: How Determining Our Value Increases Our Revenue

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NASMM 2023 Conference at Loews Kansas City November 9-12, 2023

Calculating Our Worth: How Determining Our Value Increases Our Revenues

Your services are in demand, your company’s team is incredible, but are your profits where you thought they would be “by now?” Maybe, maybe not.

In our roles, we help older adults and their families navigate this complex and often emotional downsizing and move process with grace, compassion, and efficiency. We meet and work with families, find ways to miraculously meet the established deadlines for a move, and along with our vocation – the work that comes so naturally to us – we can fall into the trap of underestimating our own value as service providers. We often become the unpaid substitute daughters and sons of the families we serve. 

The value of a move manager lies in our ability to provide expert guidance, emotional support, and access to resources throughout the process of downsizing, moving, and transitioning to a new home. Are you seeing that value for your clients translate into dollars for your company? Maybe you’re leaving money on the table, but you also might not be checking “between the mattresses.” 

There is gold to be found in these gains – and lessons to be learned by focusing on your true value. We need to identify, not underestimate, the authentic value of our services to our clients.

In this pre-conference intensive, you will learn to: 

  • Determine what you can expect to fairly charge your clients based on your experience and expertise

  • Hear how to reduce high (and low) ticket expenses, including those tricky, hidden costs 

  • Understand how emotions can be an incredible leverage tool for targeted marketing (and increased prices) for your services

  • Calculate how the amount of time and effort that goes into each project truly impacts your overhead expenses and, in turn, your income

Faculty: Jill Yesko Diana, Discover Organizing, Pittsburgh, PA

Jill Yesko Diana is the President of Discover Organizing Inc., a Pittsburgh-based firm specializing in senior move management, professional residential and photo organizing. Jill created her company in 2003, and has a team of professionals trained in the areas of dementia, hoarding disorder and brain-based challenges. Jill, a 2023 NAPO Founders Award recipient, also founded a nonprofit 501c3 organization, Safe Moves for Seniors, that helps eligible older adults move at  – no charge – to safer, more affordable housing. Jill is an Amazon best-selling author and professional national speaker.